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Improving output and reducing waste with machine learning at GEMCO

20 NOVEMBER 2023

Innovation, and finding new ways to employ cutting edge technology, are key enablers in our transition towards a low-carbon future and to realising safer, cleaner and more productive operations.

With developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning leading to new possibilities across many industries, a new tool from the Process and Logistics team at GEMCO is showing how they can be employed to deliver real benefits in mineral processing.

Several of our teams have been working together to develop and refine the Advanced Process and Control (APC) tool, with the aim of improving recovery and output in the manganese processing plant at GEMCO. 

“The tool uses advanced analytics and machine learning to make density setpoint recommendations to the operator, who can implement them to maximise manganese recovery,” explained John Christowitz, GEMCO Process and Logistics Superintendent.

"We can already see the benefits and value being delivered,” said John, “In its first month of use in the concentrator we saw an increase in the recovery of manganese and reduced waste.”

Over time, the tool will be refined further and become ‘smarter’ as more data is entered.

“The APC tool can grow with us and could be broadened to other areas of the operation at GEMCO, but also be customised to suit some of our other operations around the world,” said John.