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Improving access to water supplies

08 NOVEMBER 2018

Our Hillside smelter has launched a Water Harvesting Project.

During FY18, our Hillside aluminium smelter, in partnership with the South African Red Cross Society KwaZulu-Natal and the uMhlathuze local municipality, launched a Water Harvesting Project to support the provision of water services alongside water education in uMhlathuze, KwaZulu-Natal.

The strategic partnership aims to address the severe drought in KwaZulu-Natal and to educate the local community on water conservation, water treatment and health care.

People in local rural communities have been particularly affected by the drought and have experienced a shortage of suitable drinking water.

While the municipality’s water tankers have made regular visits to these communities, there was insufficient storage capacity and community members were forced to travel long distances to source water.

In response, we funded 1 million South African rand for the provision and installation of 135 water tanks, which will improve water access for local communities in the uMhlathuze area.

The funding will also support local community education programs on topics such as water conservation, improving water health and hygiene, and sanitation practices.