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How we’re working for Wellness in Africa

24 JULY 2017

We’ve created a Regional Wellness Committee.

To give life and energy to our Care Strategy across all of our Africa Region operations, we’ve created a Regional Wellness Committee.

The Committee aims to make sure our people realise how important their health and wellbeing is, to tell them about what we can do to help them with their health and wellness, and to share ideas on what they can do to improve their own health. In addition to people from across our business, the Committee also includes contractors working on our Occupational Health and Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), which is available to all of our people and their immediate families.

The EAP programme gives people access to online articles, quizzes and advisory services, which have been provided to help them understand the most common health and related issues. These can include financial guidance, one-on-one counselling, an anti-stress day, free massages and hand treatments, through its iRelax initiative.

Since we established the Committee, all of our African businesses have taken part in a Wellness campaign, where 4,267 team members were assessed for risk factors including high blood pressure, obesity and high glucose readings. The results are being used to help us design the Regional Wellness programme to address the most common health issues our people face in each area.