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HMM supports entrepreneurs to establish local manufacturing plant

21 MARCH 2024

Our work with SMMEs on Enterprise and Supplier Development supports economic and social transformation in South Africa.

Hotazel Manganese Mines (HMM) has supported the establishment of a local cleaning detergent manufacturing plant and company, Envirodet. HMM provided a ZAR5 million interest-free loan to two young entrepreneurs, who were providing cleaning services to HMM before forming Envirodet, to help them realise their dream of establishing the plant.

HMM also provided an additional ZAR380,000 grant to the company for the supply and installation of a water purification system. We believe there is a place for both loans and grants in the development of SMMEs and we will continue to use both mechanisms where appropriate.

In addition to these two forms of funding, HMM is supporting Envirodet in the trial and testing process, with the aim of their products meeting HMM standards so we can start procuring cleaning detergents from them. The manufacturing plant is expected to create approximately 23 local jobs in its first phase, and was officially opened in FY23.