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Hillside helps local school children step forward with confidence

14 JULY 2023

The team at Hillside Aluminium in South Africa recently made an important delivery to two local schools that will help local students continue to make big strides in their education journey.

Look down. Are you wearing shoes?

Just imagine for one minute… you get up in the morning to come to work, but don’t have a pair of shoes to wear. Or, if you do, there are holes in them, with soles so worn you can feel the ground underneath your feet.

It’s something none of us can imagine, and something no-one, especially children, should have to experience.

That’s why recently, the team at Hillside Aluminium donated hundreds of pairs of school shoes to students at two schools near the operation - Aquadene Secondary School and Floraton Primary School – where many children walk to and from school barefoot, with poverty high in the area.

Vice President Operations, Calvin Mkhabela, said having to go to school barefoot was something children should never have to experience.

“No child should go to school without school shoes, especially during these winter months,” he said.

“A pair of school shoes is essential to a child’s school journey and in donating these shoes, our hope is that students will be able to step forward with confidence”.

Students were thrilled to receive the shoes, with the Principals and teachers from both schools expressing their gratitude. 

Well done to the team at Hillside for making this important contribution and helping pave a positive journey forward for the students.