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Helping improve biodiversity

09 OCTOBER 2018

We're helping students restore their local area.

Students from Western Australia and Tasmania are to be given the chance to improve their local biodiversity thanks to our 2018 Junior Landcare Enhancing Habitat Grants.

It comes after we recently awarded 11 schools with grants of up to $5,000 to help educate students about protecting and restoring our natural environment through hands-on outdoor learning.

In September, Mark Worthington, Lead Corporate Affairs at our Worsley Alumina operation, recently visited three schools in the local area to hear how the students were planning to use their grants.

He said: “South32 encourages students to embrace and learn about ways they can protect and enhance the natural environment and ecosystem in their local school grounds.”

Fairview Primary School in Collie is now planning to use the grant to continue its outdoor classroom and build nesting boxes in the bushland around the school.

Teacher Shaun Henderson said it was important for students to understand the importance of biodiversity and caring for the environment.

Worsley Landcare Web card
Mark Worthington with St Brigid's School students.