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Helping displaced community members

24 MAY 2019

Cerro Matoso helps community members in need

Our Cerro Matoso operation in Colombia recently launched a campaign to help displaced community members in rural areas of Puerto Libertador in the south of Córdoba.

Approximately 2,000 people had sought refuge in makeshift shelters following a violent dispute between rival criminal factions.

Last month Cerro Matoso delivered 10 tonnes of food and hygiene products to help those in need.

The headquarters of the Cerro Matoso Foundation in Montelíbano was also used as a collection centre to receive donations from the community and local businesses.

Luis Marulanda, Cerro Matoso Corporate Affairs Manager, said it was important to provide support for the victims of violence which included children and the elderly.

CMSA donation web card
Carlos Romero (Victims Office - Puerto Libertador), Jorge Oviedo (Humanitarian Aid Coordinator- Church Juan José), Elkin Sierra (Foundation CM), Belinda Sierra (Foundation CM), Espedito Duque (Mayor Puerto Libertador), Alba Aguirre (Foundation CM), Roberto Domínguez (President of Communal Action Board of Juan Jose).