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Get your skates on!

12 FEBRUARY 2019

Cerro Matoso donates sports venue to community

Our Cerro Matoso operation in Colombia has donated a sports venue worth 1 billion pesos to the local community.

The Guacas del Pirú skating rink, a multi-purpose facility which can be used for skating and athletics activities, was recently gifted to the Office of the Mayor for the whole city of Montelibano to enjoy.

Established in 1994, the 17,500 square metre sporting venue meets international standards for competitive skating, features a 200m running track and has its own lighting.

The mayor of Montelíbano, Daniel Francisco Alean, hailed the donation as “a wonderful day for sports in Montelíbano”. He added: “We promise to manage it well and invest resources in such a way that athletes in Montelíbano can continue bringing home wins.”

Ricardo Gaviria, Cerro Matoso Vice President Operataions, said: “For more than 35 years at Cerro Matoso, we have put our energy into these projects that help improve the quality of life of the communities of Alto San Jorge.

“There is nothing better than donating these facilities to the Office of the Mayor to be used by the entire community of Montelíbano to continue to support the development of sports for children and teenagers.”