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Empowering women in the local community

11 MARCH 2020

Empowering women in the local community

Our Cerro Matoso operation in Colombia has partnered with a local Indigenous social enterprise to empower women in the community to achieve economic independence.

Established three years ago, the inspiring women at Pisadas Zenú produce clay bricks which are made by kneading and moulding the material by hand.

The enterprise makes more than 150 bars daily for their customers, and we use them at our operation as part of our nickel casting process to reduce safety risks.

Asset President Cerro Matoso, Ricardo Gaviria said: “Supporting women to find meaningful work not only has a positive impact on them and their families, it creates sustainable local communities.”

Joaquín Rojas, Zenú Indigenous Governor of Central America said: “This venture goes hand in hand with the desire to grow and show that we can do things right.”

Pisadas Zenú was born following consultation agreements between Cerro Matoso and the surrounding local areas to support the development of sustainable and independent communities.