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Developing skills for the future

05 JULY 2019

Hermosa supports robotics learning for local children

Our Hermosa project has sponsored a robotics camp for budding young school students in Santa Cruz County, Arizona.


Hosted by the Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools, the camp helped participants to explore the world of coding, robotics and electronics in a hands-on and fun way.


The skills people will need in the future are rapidly changing, especially when it comes to the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The camp aimed to develop students’ skills in these areas to prepare them for the future.


While taking turns being leader, master builder, and designer, the students also learnt about leadership, communication and teamwork.

The camp culminated in a showcase showdown of their robotic projects.

“I was very excited and amazed about the different types of robots and the variety of parts the robot uses to function correctly,” said one of the campers.

 “I made new friends and will be sure to come back next year.”

The Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools office, in partnership with South32, is working to expand the junior robotics curriculum to all elementary schools in the district in the coming school year.