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CMSA donates building to local University

21 FEBRUARY 2018

We donated a building to the University of Córdoba to advance education.

Our Cerro Matoso operation in Colombia has donated a building to the University of Córdoba to help advance education in the region.

The traditional house on the banks of the symbolic San Jorge River, previously home to our Cerro Matoso Foundation, is now the University’s official Language Centre for the municipality of Montelíbano.

Cerro Matoso Vice President Operations and Country Manager, Ricardo Gaviria, said the contribution would give strength to education in the region

“This is a great example of what can be achieved when we join forces with the community for productive purposes,” Ricardo said.

“The future benefits go far beyond just the value of the building.”

The University of Córdoba holds great prestige in the Colombian Caribbean and caters for about ten municipalities in the region.