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Changing lives in the community

28 AUGUST 2018

Yenis Trespalacio always dreamed of working at Cerro Matoso

Yenis Trespalacio always dreamed of working at our Cerro Matoso operation in Colombia.

Her father Maximiliano has been employed there for more than three decades and over the years the operation has played a huge part in her life.

After having the distinction of being born at the operation’s hospital, Yenis went on to study at the near-by Fundación Educativa de Montelíbano - a school which was originally set up to educate the workers’ children.

She then went on to complete her degree thanks to Cerro Matoso’s scholarship program and is now employed as a Training Engineer in the ​​Production Planning area.

Reflecting on her journey, Yenis said: “Since I was at school I imagined myself in a company that brings benefit to people and especially Montelíbano.

“As a child, I always wanted to be like my parents so to be part of a large and recognised company like Cerro Matoso is a dream come true.”

Maximiliano thanks Cerro Matoso for giving his children the chance to grow and for the opportunities his daughter has received. 

Yenis added: “I feel that I have inherited the commitment and dedication of my father who, thanks to Cerro Matoso, has given me everything I need.

“The first time I saw myself face to face with my dad wearing the same uniform before we got on the mining truck, it was a moment that leaves me speechless.

“I feel that my commitment to my family and the company will continue, like my father, to contribute to the development of this great company.”

Yenis Web card
Yenis Trespalacio and her father Maximiliano.