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Cerro Matoso recognised for gender equity


"We have brave, committed and efficient women in our operation.”

There was cause for celebration at Cerro Matoso recently after it was named the best mining operation in Colombia for promoting gender equity. 

The recognition was announced as part of the fourth annual Ranking of Gender Equity of Organizations (PAR), an event which aims to showcase and reward examples of good practice and policies which have created equal opportunities for men and women. 

Organised by Aequales, a social enterprise which seeks to promote diversity and equal opportunities, this year’s PAR saw more than 200 companies participate.  

Ricardo Gaviria, Vice President Operations at Cerro Matoso, said: “The presence of women in the different areas of Cerro Matoso increases every year.  

“They are involved in all the processes that are executed in the operation, as well as in the administrative functions, in the relationship with the communities and in the business management that has us as a leading example in safety and environment." 

Heidy Barros, Cerro Matoso’s Human Resources Manager, added: “When we entered the Ranking of Gender Equity in Organizations, our goal was to show that there are no tasks exclusively for men. We have brave, committed and efficient women in our operation.”

CMSA PAR Web card
Cerro Matoso was recognised at the 2018 PAR event