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Cerro Matoso is helping to ease pressure on local health services

30 APRIL 2020

Cerro Matoso is helping to ease pressure on local health services

We’ve partnered with local government and health providers to help ease the pressure on health services and hospitals by setting-up clinics that will provide basic medical services to those that need it most in the communities surrounding our Cerro Matoso operation in Colombia.

The five clinics are expected to receive the largest number of patients outside of hospitals in the Córdoba region.

Vice President Operations at Cerro Matoso, Ricardo Gaviria, said: "This will be a long journey for everyone, including our local communities.” 

“We will work tirelessly with them to combat COVID-19 and provide support where and when it’s needed most,” he said. 

Mayor of Montelíbano, José David Cura, said: “From the first day, Cerro Matoso has been available to help us.” 

A telephone line has been set up for the community to access health advice before coming to the clinics.

Our teams have also recently donated more than 125,000 litres of drinking water and 10,000 bags of food, with each bag enough to feed an average family for a week. 

The investment is part of South32’s Global Community Investment Fund, which is contributing US$7 million to assist in our communities’ efforts to prevent, prepare, respond and recover from COVID-19.