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Cerro Matoso honoured as exemplary community partner

27 AUGUST 2020

Cerro Matoso honoured as exemplary community partner

Our Cerro Matoso operation has been formally honoured by the Colombian Ministry of Mines and Energy for demonstrating reliability as a community partner. The award was presented during an online event to commemorate Miner’s Day.  

In accepting the honour, Cerro Matoso´s Vice President of Operations, Ricardo Gaviria, called it a very proud moment resulting from a great team effort: “Our medical department, employees, and contractors have worked in coordination with the Mayor's office of Montelíbano, the neighboring communities, the Cordoba government, and the national government to guarantee that our operation continues to be reliable and safe. This aligns with our values of trust and togetherness.” 

Presenter Carolina Rojas Hayes, the country’s Vice Minister of Mines, noted that Cerro Matoso was selected for “its commitment to keeping its communication channels open with different interest groups, transparency in accountability, promoting oversight and control of its actions, generating truthful information that makes the company visible in the region and in the country, and guaranteeing ethical behavior and prioritizing citizen participation processes.” 

The company’s socially responsible approach of providing COVID-19 support to neighboring communities, including medical supplies, essential items and information, was specifically acknowledged during the event, as were the overall resilience of the company and its workers during the pandemic.