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Cerro Matoso donates land to communities

31 AUGUST 2020

Cerro Matoso donates 370 hectares of land to communities

Our Cerro Matoso operation in Colombia has donated more than 390 hectares of land to eight communities surrounding the mine, including Zenú Indigenous councils from Bocas de Uré, Puerto Colombia, Puente Uré, Centroamerica, Torno Rojo, Pueblo Flecha, La Odisea and the Community Council for Black Communities from Bocas de Uré. It was a special milestone for the communities, which have historically had limited access to land in the region.  

A total of 922 families will benefit from the handover. Land ownership will help to increase food production and provide opportunities to pass down cultural traditions, practices and values. 

Ricardo Gaviria, Cerro Matoso Vice President Operations said, “Today’s result is a clear demonstration that through dialogue, neighboring communities and companies can reach agreements and continue moving forward in ensuring access to land, which is so limited for ethnic communities.” 

 “I believe that what Cerro Matoso has done with the agreements we made, and the donation of these lands, is the most important thing to ensure the development of our communities,” said Luis Joaquin Roa, Governor of the Cabildo of Centroamerica. 

“Today, the company and the neighboring communities are a great family.”