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Cerro Matoso contributing to reforestation efforts of region

01 JULY 2016

Cerro Matoso contributing to reforestation efforts of region

Our Cerro Matoso operation has joined forces with the local community to plant 400 native trees in celebration of Colombia's National Tree Day.

Colombia is the second most biologically diverse country in the world after Brazil and is home to about 10 per cent of the world's plant species.  Deforestation in the region has had a profound ecological impact, particularly in rainforest areas.

During 2019, Cerro Matoso will plant 50,000 trees as part of a campaign to contribute to the reforestation efforts of the region, as well as the local economy.

Astrid Álvarez, Environmental Engineer, said that 22 species of trees were planted on the day.

He added: "Each person will continue to look after their tree and we expect that soon, each one will be two metres tall which will then start having a benefit to the environment."

Ricardo Gaviria, Cerro Matoso Vice President Operations, commended the team for their enthusiasm and commitment on the day.

"Our environmental issues are of great importance and we must preserve our forests, water sources, fauna and flora."

Local nursery farmer, Luz Dary Hoyos, helped facilitate the tree planting. He said it was gratifying to help care for the plants while earning a livelihood.