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Cannington supporting turtle conservation

23 FEBRUARY 2021

Cannington has played an important role in protecting hawksbill sea turtles

Our Cannington operation in Queensland, Australia has played an important role in helping to protect Australia’s population of endangered hawksbill sea turtles. 

The team at Cannington collected thousands of used recyclable drink containers from the mine’s canteen and recently donated them to Reef HQ Volunteers Association, part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. 

The containers were recycled via Queensland’s Containers for Change initiative and the funding used to purchase a satellite tracking device, which has been attached to a hawksbill turtle on Milman Island, an important nesting area in the Great Barrier Reef’s far north.  

The turtle, nicknamed ‘Cannington’ in honour of the mine’s role in the research project, has been monitored moving steadily southwards since being released in late January 2021.  

Data from the satellite tracker is providing important new insights into hawksbill turtle feeding and migration patterns and will be used as part of broader conservation work being led by Queensland’s James Cook University and the Queensland Department of Environment and Science.  

If you’re interested in following Cannington’s movements, visit the turtle tracker website here

Read more in our media statement.

Cannington Turtle 2021
Cannington the turtle