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Building the skills of the future

16 MAY 2016

Building the skills of the future

Meet tomorrow’s technology innovators

As we all know, the skills people will need in the future are rapidly changing, especially when it comes to the fast-moving world of technology. The use of digital programming languages, or code, is vital to many of the systems that will improve the way we work.

To encourage young people to develop their skills in this area, we’ve partnered with CoderDojo to start a number of local coding clubs in the South West of Western Australia. Run by volunteer mentors, coding clubs give young people the chance to meet others with similar interests, and to develop their skills. They build creative projects of their own choice using digital technology, which gives them the chance to exercise their imaginations and do something that matters to them.

CoderDojo aims to establish a network of community coders in the South West region, enabling people to start and run their own clubs, and we’re delighted to be a part of this exciting initiative.