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An investment in Education

13 JULY 2017

Mozal Aluminium provides new classrooms for local school

Students from the Chibaulana community in Mozambique have a brand-new place to learn, thanks to our team at Mozal Aluminium.

A construction project which began in July last year has resulted in five new, fully-furnished classrooms, renovation of existing classrooms which were in a poor state of repair and improvements to the water supply system.

The project was launched by Mozal following a request from community leaders and the local government, due to concerns from the Matola communities that their children were studying in unsafe conditions out in open spaces and under trees.

A special handover ceremony was led by the Governor of Maputo, Raimundo Maico Diomba, in the presence of local authorities, school management, pupils and teachers. In his speech, the Governor praised Mozal for the impact it has made on the socio-economic well-being of the community.

One of the students who will enjoy the new classrooms wrote a letter of gratitude:

On behalf of all the children studying in this school and on behalf of those to come, I thank Mozal for caring for us, for providing us with better conditions and for giving us all the support we need to go on studying. Our life in school will never be the same; the trees we used to use as our classrooms will now serve to provide us shade during our break-time and the quality of our education is going to change for good. To show our gratitude, we promise to study hard and bring excellent results, since we are the future of this nation.”