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A Pact for Zero Hunger

18 NOVEMBER 2020

Helping to end hunger and boost economic vitality near Cerro Matoso

We’re working with government representatives for 14 rural communities near our Cerro Matoso operation in northern Colombia to promote food security and self-sustainability for families in need.  

Our alliance to help end hunger in the region was made possible by our recent donation of 400 hectares of land to local communities, our lending of more than 270 hectares of land to various Community Action Boards, the local government’s provision of agricultural supply kits, and the hard work and ancestral knowledge of the local people. 

Supply kits were delivered to more than 360 rural residents, providing fertilisers and pesticides, farm equipment like wheelbarrows and plastic baskets, as well as seeds for fast-producing, short-cycle crops like rice, corn, bananas, yucca, yams, watermelon, beans, and vegetables. Home visits, resource and crop management training, and land reviews have also been provided to increase success.  

Governor of Córdoba, Orlando Benítez, said: “Our work from the Governor's Office is to ensure the development and integrity of the communities. Cerro Matoso is a great ally in fulfilling our commitment, thanks to its constant work for the communities and the valuable company-community relationship they have built in recent years.” 

Thanks to the initiative, more than 230 families can strengthen their food security, generate income and mitigate economic challenges created by the pandemic. By the end of 2020, all 14 communities involved will start to see the benefits from their harvests.