For us, an inclusive workplace is simply the right thing to do, as well as making good business sense. It fosters an environment where everyone can speak up without fear, leading to a safer workplace for all. When everyone understands their roles and accountabilities, they feel free to explore new ideas and make decisions.


We have set ambitious diversity targets based mainly on gender and ethnicity, taking into account our starting point and the emerging trends in the places where we operate. These include:

  • Achieving year on year improvement in the representation of women in the total workforce.
  • Improving the representation of women in leadership.
  • Improving the representation of Black People (a commonly used term meaning Africans, Coloureds and Indians who are citizens of the Republic of South Africa by birth or descent) in South Africa
  • Achieving gender pay equity.

These goals demand a range of different investments and activities, but we’re committed, so we continue to allocate substantial amounts to salary increases to address the gender pay gap, and we have pay policies that ensure no new cases of bias are introduced. In addition we have mounted campaigns to attract female and Indigenous applicants, particularly in core disciplines such as engineering.

We also educate line leaders to effectively manage a diverse workforce and recognise unconscious bias.

The way society has evolved is different in every country we operate in, but our inclusivity goals remain consistent across all of our operations, and the commitment of all our people will ensure that we achieve our aims.

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