Innovation can take many forms, and it almost always demands a significant investment in time, resources and energy. Our people love being at the forefront of positive change, and we’ve put a range of programmes and policies in place to encourage and support innovation.

Because people are so important to us, a lot of our innovative developments are around making our workplaces smarter, safer, and more comfortable, as well as being more inclusive and productive. Our advances in this area range from introducing flexible working hours to helping develop techniques to monitor and manage fatigue at work. We are pioneering the adoption of digital technology, from apps that help our emergency teams communicate, to taking on a leadership role in the digital transformation of the mining sector. And through sponsorship of awards, education programmes and local events, we help to stimulate innovation in our local communities while assisting the next generation of innovators to get a start.

Our environmental performance is another area of great importance, so we continue to invest heavily in technology and techniques that reduce our emissions and waste production, improve the health of our workplaces, and contribute to the wellbeing and development of our local communities.

We’re delighted that our people are such creative forward thinkers, and we’re excited about what revolutionary new ideas and practices the future will bring.