Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy describes our commitment to become more diverse and inclusive, and our recognition of its importance to our business. Our Board approves our measurable objectives for diversity each year, and monitors progress towards achieving them.

We employ a diverse mix of people from different backgrounds, and our main focus is on moving towards more balanced gender representation and ethnically diverse teams, both in leadership roles and in the workforce overall. We are also committed to creating the conditions that will help us achieve greater diversity beyond gender and ethnicity.

Africa Region

For example, we aim to have women represented in 30 per cent of our leadership teams worldwide by the end of the 2018 financial year, and to increase the representation of Black People in our South Africa Region (note that ‘Black People’ is a term meaning Africans, Coloureds and Indians who are citizens of the Republic of South Africa by birth or descent). We are also developing action plans to address pay differences as a result of gender bias in all locations, and bias as a result of ethnicity in South Africa .

In addition, our Africa region plan addresses how we will meet our obligations under the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (Mining Charter) and the Employment Equity Act, as well as our B-BBEE obligations.

We have also implemented Women in Mining initiatives across our operations in Africa, such as improving how we provide alternative duties for employees pre and post childbirth, and established a Women’s Forum to discuss and raise issues relating to gender diversity at work.

Applications for our bursary, graduate and learnership schemes are encouraged in the communities in which we operate, and we aim to meet our diversity targets in awarding these as well. National Women’s Day in South Africa was celebrated to recognise our female employees and their achievements, as was International Women’s Day across the Group.

Australia Region

In Australia, our Plan focuses on finding practical ways to overcome barriers to greater diversity and inclusion. These include training people how to detect and avoid unconscious bias, and reviewing our site facilities to ensure they contribute to an inclusive work environment.

We’ve also formed a Diversity Working Group, with representatives from each of our Australian operations and our regional office, to get direct input on our diversity and inclusion measures from our people. As part of our first company-wide employee survey, we asked our people for their views about diversity and inclusion in our workplace, and we intend to monitor our progress via surveys over time.

Diversity and Inclusion Measures

There are many ways we can help to encourage and increase the diversity and inclusiveness of our workplaces, and we have introduced several. We look forward to making further progress in this area, and we congratulate all our people on the advances made so far.

For example, we have introduced a number of flexible work options as part of promoting an inclusive workplace, including compressed working hours and working remotely. These arrangements help our people balance their work and non-work responsibilities, and are available to everyone regardless of gender.

Our Parental Leave provisions don’t just meet but, and often exceed, our legal obligations relating to parental leave. This contributes to making us more attractive as an employer for both men and women.

And we stand by our Code of Business Conduct commitment to equality in employment practices, including zero tolerance for harassment or bullying and our expectations of all employees in this regard.

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