When we consider what will happen to an area once we close down one of our operations, our planning is guided by our commitment to leave the land fit for purpose, and the need to work within regulatory requirements.Our aim is to ensure that the land we are vacating has value to future generations.

Our Closure Plans address what the future shared economic, environmental and social value of the land will be, and how that fits with the current land use and other closure criteria. We research and address issues such as the rehabilitation of disturbed areas and contaminated sites, what needs to be done with buildings, plant and machinery, and the treatment and disposal of wastes. We also factor in future land use options, and where required we allow for ongoing monitoring and management of the environment.

We recognise that we also have a responsibility to the communities we’ve been working in, particularly in places where we’ve been part of the region for a long time, or we’ve played a major role because of the size of our operations. So we consider how the local economy will transition after we leave, and we find ways to help those communities remain sustainable.

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