Our Approach

We need to make plans for the future, to understand what changes and issues will affect the coming generations, and adjust our operations so we’re ready.

The world is changing quickly, in terms of its people, technology, climate and societies, and to stay ahead of the curve, we invest heavily in our future.  It’s a fascinating and demanding process, but one we’re happy to commit to, because success in this area can only enhance our sustainability.



Intelligent Land Management

Intelligent Land Management (ILM) projects are based on delivering long-term benefit for our host communities, biodiversity values and our operations.

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The guiding principles that support our closure planning are fit for purpose, consistent with regulatory requirements and fully integrated into our business planning cycle.

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Climate change

We are committed to doing our part to create a smooth transition to a world that avoids more than two degrees of warming. Our Climate Change Strategy is built on three focus areas: climate change opportunity, climate resilience and emission reduction. Each year, we commit to reporting on the progress of this strategy, including the targets and goals we have set ourselves to achieve.

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Diversity and inclusion

An inclusive workplace is where everyone feels comfortable to bring their whole self to work and where each person’s unique differences are recognised, valued and celebrated. This approach helps us attract, develop and retain talent and ensure our people are engaged and empowered at work.

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Embracing innovation

The world is changing rapidly, and the way forward is to embrace innovation in technology, techniques, hardware, software, systems and management approaches. Whether it’s improving the wellbeing of our employees, planning to counteract climate change or finding smarter ways to deal with waste, we welcome innovative thinking and actions.

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Our Future

A game changer

In an exciting step forward for us and the industry, we’ve embarked on a three-year partnership with GE to assist in our digital transformation.