We value an inclusive workplace where every employee and contractor can feel connected, valued and respected. This environment also provides an opportunity where people can freely share their concerns and ideas.

Work is considered well-designed when potential causes of harm have been identified, and the work has been planned to reliably deliver safe outcomes. This is based on assessing the workplace, tools and equipment, processes and people, and ensuring that critical controls are designed before the work is scheduled. These controls must be verified as being in place and effective, before work commences.

Our safety risk management is supported through robust processes and internal standards. We use our risk management framework to proactively identify and manage safety risk, allowing effective controls to be in place. In conjunction with our Leadership Capability Program, this provides our people with the necessary systems and skills to care for themselves and others.

Our Risk Management Framework

Our overarching risk management framework consists of three components:

1. Our internal standards that define the key deliverables, materiality and accountabilities.
2. Our risk management process which identifies, monitors and manages potential risks and controls,
to minimise the negative impact should a risk eventuate.
3. Three lines of defence to provide assurance of compliance with our internal standards.

Our internal safety standards

Our internal safety standards describe the minimum mandatory requirement for nine core safety processes t0hat are used to implement the risk management process at our operations. These processes are key components required for work to be considered well-designed.

Safety training

Safety training is regularly completed by our people and is based on the work to be undertaken or identified knowledge gaps. An example is in hazard identification; risks cannot be managed if the hazards they pose have not first been identified. An updated hazard identification training program has been introduced, focusing on a practical approach to identifying all hazards.

Our leadership capability program

We coach and support our people to ensure that they have the right skills and capabilities to design, perform and direct work safely. Our Leadership Capability Program, which commenced in FY17 in our African operations and was introduced to our Australian operations this year, is an investment in our leaders to ensure they have the right skills and capabilities to lead safety improvement across our business. Each leader is assessed across a broad range of criteria, with individual development opportunities identified and development plans agreed with both employees and their managers. To date, over 1,000 leaders have participated in the program across the Company.

Each leader has undertaken:

■ An individual critical experience discussion

■ A psychometric assessment focused on personal sources of motivation, preferences and cognitive abilities

■ A discussion with an organisational psychologist to provide deeper insight into their psychometric results

■ A feedback session involving a Leadership Capability Program representative and their direct leader. Key development needs are summarised for each leader and incorporated into their annual performance development plan

Emergency preparedness

Our safety standards state our company-wide policy to prepare for and respond to emergencies.  Our operations are required to develop and implement Crisis and Emergency Management Plans (CEM) Plans. These CEM Plans are tested and audited annually to ensure preparedness, and this supports the proactive identification and remedy of any gaps in our ability to minimise impacts.

CEM Plans include guidelines for appointing emergency response teams that oversee frontline response. If the situation requires escalation, our plans include additional management support to harness broader organisational support and resources including comprehensive communication plans.

Our CEM Plans assist in protecting our people during an emergency, minimising our impact on the environment and the surrounding communities and ensure a well-coordinated emergency response. Business continuity and recovery form part of the plant to mitigate significant operational loss. 

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