For every one of us, our health is the most important asset we have, so we put a lot of emphasis on creating healthy people, healthy workplaces and healthy communities. We focus on workplace inclusivity, well-designed work and continuous improvement, and workplaces that keep our employees and communities healthy.

An inclusive workplace is one where we all feel comfortable speaking up. We ask for, offer and accept help, and we encourage each other to challenge the way we do things. When challenges arise we address and resolve them together.

Well-designed work is about making sure we have people with the right qualifications and experience, the correct tools and processes, and plan all high risk work so that the work we complete does not pose health risks to our employees or the community. 

We continuously improve our workplace to support the mental and physical wellbeing of our employees, contractors and host communities by sharing our lessons learned within our teams and across the business.

What we do to keep our people healthy

Our fit-for-work programmes across all our operations ensure our people are ready for the tasks they have to perform and can avoid harm at work. We have also provide medical assessments, fatigue management plans and a risk-based drug and alcohol programme to both minimise health impacts on our people and to minimise the likelihood of incidents, injury and illness across our operations.

We are also mindful that the nature of our work produces a range of potentially harmful agents and health risks, and our focus is on reducing the number of workers exposed above Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL) by controlling emissions at the source. We set internal OELs for the most prominent potentially harmful agents in our workplaces, and it we strive to prevent workers from exceeding them. If airborne levels exceed an OEL, respiratory protective equipment is compulsory for the workers involved, and we fit the equipment to the individual to ensure adequate protection.

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