Our Approach


At South32, an inclusive workplace is one where we all feel comfortable speaking up; where we ask for, offer and accept help, and we encourage each other to challenge the way we do things. When challenges arise, we address and resolve them together. 

Well-designed work is aimed at making sure we have people with the right skills and experience, the correct processes, tools and equipment, and plan all work so that it does not pose risks to our people or the community.

As a member company of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) we remain committed to upholding ICMM Principle 4, to implement risk management strategies based on valid data and sound science, and ICMM Principle 5, to seek continual improvement in health and safety performance.



The health of our people and communities is of great importance to us. Governed by our internal standards, we implement and continually improve health controls to ensure we avoid, mitigate and manage potential health impacts to our people and communities.

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We are committed to improving safety at our operations to avoid, mitigate and manage safety risks to our people.

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Supporting Indigenous communities

We're pleased to continue to support Indigenous people's living with Machado Joseph Disease.