Our activities result in a range of different waste products, including waste rock, waste water and tailings, and some of these can be hazardous. So we have set high company standards for waste management, and of course we also abide by legislative regulations wherever we work.

We also invest a lot of effort in exploring ways to reduce, reuse or recycle waste, and we have made some innovative changes in this regard, making everything from desks and chairs to bricks from materials formerly classed as waste.


In extracting minerals from the earth, all miners produce waste called tailings, and these are usually stored in tailing storage facilities (TSF). We manage our tailings facilities carefully, abiding by all regulatory requirements and our own risk management standards.

We also conduct internal or external reviews or audits on any tailings facilities that may present a risk.

On an industry level, we are part of an International Council on Metals and Mining working group, which reviews member companies’ tailings management standards and critical control strategies. The review seeks to better understand those management standards, detect gaps within current policies, and identify what makes a good TSF critical control management plan.

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