Becoming a trusted, valued and genuine part of the communities we work in is about creating several levels of connection, and investing substantially in each of them.

The first step is encouraging our people to contribute to their community and society, and giving them the time and resources to do that. Most of our people are usually drawn from the local communities, but those from other places are usually as eager to contribute as those born within walking distance.

The next step is to ensure that we are ready and willing to provide support whenever the local communities are in need. We want the people who live near us to know that we’re good neighbours who will do whatever we can to help.

The third step is developing long-term projects that aim to deliver positive outcomes for the entire community, for many years to come. We think generationally, and we act now.

Listening and talking

People or groups who are potentially affected by our operations, who have an interest in what we do or may in some way influence them, are worth listening to. We try to create a dialogue with people at every level of the communities we work in, so we can figure out what is in everybody’s best interests.

At a community level, we promote and encourage feedback about our activities. At a global level, we engage with our stakeholders throughout the year and at our Annual General Meeting. We publish information about our operations and planned activities on our website, as well as through our Annual Report, market announcements and conferences.

Along with simply listening and talking, we employ more scientific means of gathering feedback, including seeking feedback from local communities in a variety of ways including social baseline studies, social impact and opportunity assessments, and community perception surveys. These assessments help us gauge the effectiveness of our approach and our level of engagement, so we can continually improve our community relationships.

Complaints and Grievances

If there’s a problem, we want to know about and we’ll do everything we can to fix it. Our established complaints procedure is designed to deal quickly with any issue addressed to us, and community members or other interested people can come directly to us with an issue at any time. Our process says we will carry out four simple steps - Receive, Acknowledge, Investigate, Rectify, with a final response being Feedback to explain what we have done to fix the problem.

Community Projects

Probably the most visible aspect of our community contributions are the projects we carry out for the benefit of local communities. Often these will be around education and breaking the poverty cycle, providing facilities and resources for community initiatives, supporting research into solving local problems such as medical issues, and investing in ways that improve our own impact on the community and environment.

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