Our Approach

Our purpose is to make a difference by developing natural resources, improving people’s lives now and for generations to come.

We acknowledge the importance of our social licence to operate, that it is earned and maintained on an ongoing basis and that trust in us is an outcome of the quality of our relationships with many stakeholders.

Each of our operations exist in a unique social context which has its own belief systems and communication norms. Navigating these unique and complex social systems can be challenging and requires a commitment to regular, open and honest dialogue and the ability to identify and work towards shared objectives.

We work with our communities and, where possible, in partnerships with regional government and local community organisations.

Our approach to working with our host communities is outlined in our internal standards, our Sustainability Policy and Code of Business Conduct. This includes our commitment to adhere to the United Nations Global Compact principles.



Community Contribution

When we open a new operation anywhere in the world, our aim is not just to provide jobs and amenities for the people of the nearby communities, it’s to make a real and lasting contribution to their quality of life. That means becoming a part of the community, and understanding their goals, their needs and their problems. And that’s something our people do really well.

To find out how we connect with our local communities and contribute to their wellbeing, read more.


Indigenous Peoples

One of the great things about being a diverse company is that we get to experience so many of Australia’s unique Indigenous cultures. It gives our people a truly unique perspective on what it means to be human, and it provides us with the opportunity to learn about others, to respect their beliefs and activities, and to help preserve and document them where necessary.

To find out how we work with Indigenous peoples across Australia, read more.




Transformation is the word used to describe the process of meeting the social and economic goals of the National Transformation Agenda in South Africa. It’s a broad, life-changing approach to empowering communities and creating a more equitable, sustainable society.

Find out more about Transformation here.



Working with Traditional Owners

We're helping to build a sustainable future on Groote Eylandt.