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South32 has a 47.1 per cent share of Mozal Aluminium, while Mitsubishi Corporation Metals Holding GmbH holds 25 per cent, Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Limited holds 24 per cent and the Government of the Republic of Mozambique holds 3.9 per cent (through preference shares). 

The Mozal Aluminium smelter was established in Mozambique in July 1998. Backed by a US$2 billion investment, the smelter was the largest private investment in the country and the first large foreign direct investment in Mozambique. 

Mozal is the only aluminium smelter in Mozambique and the second-largest aluminium smelter in Africa. Mozal uses Aluminium Pechiney AP35 technology to produce standard aluminium ingots.

Midal, Mozambique’s first downstream aluminium industry has been receiving aluminium from Mozal since October 2014. Mozal remains the largest industrial employer in Mozambique and delivers a significant contribution to the Mozambican economy. 

The original site selected for the Mozal Aluminium smelter was occupied by families living on small farms. The first contact established whether these villagers would accept relocation providing they received adequate compensation and new dwellings. 

With the goal of minimising negative impacts on the local environment, the relocation operation was carried out and closely supervised. By June 1998, massive earthmovers had cleared untamed bush in Beluluane for the Mozal Aluminium site. On 13 January 1999, Mozal Aluminium's former Chairman tightened the first ceremonial bolt on Pot Room A’s steelwork, signalling the beginning of major construction.

25,000 tons of structural steel skeleton reinforced by 208,000m2 of aluminium cladding was erected. Once cutting-edge instrumentation was installed, 235,000m3 of concrete and 25 kms of roads were laid as infrastructure over an area the size of 340 soccer fields.

During Phase 1, construction of the new berth at the port of Matola took place, which included a new access road and bridge that connects to the Maputo Corridor. To ensure the efficient delivery of raw materials to the plant, an additional ship unloader, an alumina silo, a liquid pitch facility and conveyor system modifications, were all constructed at the harbour.

The Mozal Aluminium smelter was officially opened on 21 September 2000.

The expansion of the Mozal Aluminium smelter was approved in June 2001. Mozal Aluminium Phase II involved the construction of a second potline, ultimately doubling the capacity of the smelter. It was completed in 26 months from go-ahead in June 2001 to full commissioning of all 288 pots in August 2003, seven months ahead of schedule and US$195 million under budget.

The Mozal Aluminium smelter expansion was officially opened on 8 October 2003.

On 15th February 2013, an agreement between Mozal Aluminium and Midal was signed, marking a critical milestone in the history of Mozal. This was the beginning of Mozal Aluminium’s participation and contribution to the local downstream industry by supplying aluminium ingots. The agreement was testimony of Mozal Aluminium’s commitment to developing local downstream industries with significant impact on the local economy.


Sam Gudo - Vice President Operations, Mozal

Sam commenced his role as Vice President Operations looking after Mozal on 1 September 2016. Prior to this he was the General Manager Mozal, where he made considerable contribution in the improvement of Mozal’s safety performance as well as in driving an improvement culture.

Sam brings a wealth of operational and functional experience. He started his career at Mozal in 1999 as a Maintenance Superintendent for Utilities and Central Workshop. He was actively involved with the commissioning and start-up of Mozal I and II and has held various leadership roles at Mozal in Maintenance, Production and Corporate Affairs.

Sam holds an Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University Eduardo Mondlane and a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership from UNISA in South Africa.


Mozal Aluminium established the Mozal Community Development Trust (MCDT) in 2000. Enabled by an investment that exceeded US$34 million, the Trust developed 200 projects and provided a governance framework for the community projects to address multiple challenges in the region. It supports the community in the Boane district through micro business development, education and training, health and environment, sports and culture and community infrastructure. 

In line with the principles of sustainability, the Trust focusses on assisting the community to generate income on a continuous basis and improve living conditions. It aims to provide access to health care, water, sanitation and education in an effort to alleviate poverty levels. 

Through this initiative Mozal Aluminium has built eleven schools and trained teachers. The South32 asset has helped to build a secondary school and a technical institute to assist children from the community. It has also helped to refurbish five local clinics and provided finance to farmer’s associations, who previously produced only 300 kg of food per year per family. Through MCDT aid these associations now produce a minimum of two tons of food per family. 

The MCDT has co-financed the Malaria Control Programme in partnership with the Lebombo Spatial Development Initiative, which is a joint venture programme with the government of Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa aimed at eradicating malaria in the region. As a result, the infection rate has since reduced dramatically by approximately 80 per cent.​


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