We’re working together with government and industry to drive economic growth and employment in the communities surrounding our TEMCO operation in Tasmania.

Along with 15 other members of the Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone (BBAMZ) committee, we have been providing funding for a part-time project officer since 2017, to help businesses grow, diversify and build capability through a range of training programs.  

In January this year, we provided additional funding to make the role a full-time position until the end of December 2021.

The BBAMZ is an industry-based economic development group, with the goal to untap the economic potential of the Bay Bell and George Town region by promoting the growth of existing businesses and the attraction of new ones.

The position will play an important role in helping the region to recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19, as well as continue to support the long-term objectives of the BBAMZ group. 

Vice President Operations at TEMCO, Anna May Fauconnier, said: “This will be a long journey for everyone, and we will continue to work with the local community to provide support when and where it’s needed most.”

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Pictured here are members of the BBAMZ before COVID-19, including Vice President Operations at TEMCO, Anna May Fauconnier.

For more information about the BBAMZ visit: https://bbamz.com.au.