Meet ‘Kathy the Kress’, a recent TEMCO fleet addition and quite possibly the most colourful slag transporter (also known as a Kress Carrier) in the world.

Named after Kathy Marthick, a 31-year serving former TEMCO employee and breast cancer survivor, ‘Kathy’ is painted pink and blue to help promote Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer awareness.


It was Kathy Marthick's idea to paint ‘Kathy the Kress’ in these bright colours and we think it’s fabulous that our people make such caring suggestions. Of course we were happy to support the initiative, and we’re thrilled that the manufacturer, Kress Corporation, made the offer to throw in the special colour scheme at no extra cost.

Anything that can be done to get people thinking about breast and prostate cancer is a worthwhile project, so a special thanks goes out to Kathy Marthick and our TEMCO team.