We believe that the growth and development of our people is key to our future success and enables us to attract and retain talented people.

Over the past two years, South32 has invested more than AU$10m in global leadership development activities with approximately 1,400 employees benefitting from our initiatives.

One of these programs is Catalyst which, following its success across our African operations, has been rolled out across our Australian operations and functions over the past 12 months.

The program is aimed at helping teams accelerate performance by driving towards a shared purpose and building trust by focusing on:   

• What is the shift “I” need to make to be more effective and drive the outcomes we seek?

• What is the shift “we” need to make to enhance the performance of our team?

• How do “I” and “we” most effectively engage others and why should someone follow me as a leader?

Kiersten Morkel, Vice President Culture and Capability, said: “Aligned to our value of excellence, we’re committed to investing in our leaders and supporting them to be the best they can be.

 “Our leaders are roles models and set the tone for our organisation. We know that their behaviour and success underpin our business success.”

Catalyst web card
We've invested invested more than AU$10m in leadership development activities in the past two years.