Is my existing purchase order still effective?

Yes, your purchase order is still valid.  Future purchase orders will be issued under South32 terms and conditions; however any existing purchase orders remain valid with no change to quantity, price or terms and conditions.

Will new purchase order numbers follow the same number sequence?

No, there will be a new purchase order sequence for South 32.

Is my existing contract still valid?

Yes, your contract is still valid and South32 will honour the contract commitments according to the existing terms.  In due course we will contact you to update appropriate contact details in the contract as we move from a site to a regional supply model. 

Will my invoices in progress be paid?

Yes, your invoices will be paid according to our agreed payment terms.  Our payment services centre will be relocating from Kuala Lumpur to Johannesburg, however we aim to make this a seamless transition for our vendors.

Do my supply and site contact people change?

We will make contact with you where this is the case.  Your Supply contacts will move to our regional hubs in Perth and Johannesburg however your site operational contacts and warehouse delivery processes remain unchanged.

Do I send my service entry sheets and invoices to a different location?

Invoices: As of May 2015 all Vendors who currently email invoices to [email protected] are to send these invoices to [email protected]
Service entry sheets: This is a phased approach each Asset will communicate the dates, email addresses and changes in separate communication

I am a Quadrem vendor, are there any changes I need to make in the system


I am a Quadrem vendor, who do I contact if I have issues with the system?

Contact the local Ariba Network Supplier Support:

Ariba website

Contact for African Region Suppliers:
Tel: 0861 787 597 (South Africa only)
Tel: +27 11 304 9107 (International)

Contact for Australian Region Suppliers:
Tel: 1300 519 566 (Australia only)
Tel: +61 2 8223 9162 (International)

For Australia assets, will the asset ABN number be changing?

No, you will continue to deal with the same legal entities with the change in control being at parent company level.  The BHP Billiton prefix will be removed from Asset names.

Do I need to address invoices to the new South32 company names?

Yes, that is preferred and will become mandatory over time.  In the early period we will process and pay if the BHP Billiton prefix is included in front of the Asset name.

What will happen to my invoices that I had previously sent to BHP Billiton shared services?

Invoices submitted to the incorrect email address will be rejected back to the originator, with an explanation of the appropriate approach.

What if I send invoices to BHP Billiton shared services in error?

Invoices submitted to the incorrect email address will be rejected back to the originator, with an explanation of the appropriate approach.

What do I do during 1SAP downtime?

No work must be done without a PO, irrespective of the downtime, manual processes will apply.
Quadrem vendors are not to create Service entry sheets or invoices during the downtime period.

What is South32's key focus area of supply for the African region?

Reduction in total cost of ownership and a focus on broad based black economic empowerment.