We recognise the potential risks Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs) present to our people, our communities, the environment and shareholders and are committed to the safe and responsible management of our TSFs.


Waste materials can contain potentially hazardous chemical or physical properties. We are exploring ways to generate value from materials previously classified as waste, while also mitigating potential environmental and financial legacy impacts. We have commenced research to identify the best remediation and rehabilitation strategies at some of our operations. The outcome of this research will be integrated into our operations’ planning processes and will inform our Closure Plans.

Putting waste to work for the environment

At Cerro Matoso, we’ve found an innovation solution to turn waste into a soil substitute.

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Building homes not waste stockpiles

We've found a way to turn waste into bricks for Cerro Matoso local communities.

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Learning a valuable lesson from waste

We've partnered with Wildlands Recycling for Life network, to turn waste into school desks.

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